Church open for private prayer, daily.


St Mary’s Church, Frampton from the canal, with permission fro photographer whose name I have miss placed. Sorry!


We are very pleased St Mary’s is open for private prayer daily from 10am to 3.30pm.

Make use of the hand gel in the porch before you enter and please leave the door open.

No more than two families at a time in the church and please avoid touching any surface unnecessarily.

 In order to mitigate the burden on our volunteer cleaners please stay within the taped area in the church using only the back pews.

Should you later develop symptoms following your visit, please contact the Church Wardens, telling us the date of your visit.

Church Wardens – Col Andy Hodson tel 01452 740571

                              Mrs Janie Clifford tel 01452 740268

At other times the churchyard and St. Mary’s orchard are open, there are benches ready for quiet prayer or meditation if you wish.

Our continuing prayer is for your health.