St Mary’s Open Door

St Mary’s Open Door arranges and supports various activities within the Church, including Friday’s Café and concerts. If you would like to hold an event in the church, please contact us (contact details below).

There is information below on how St Mary’s Open Door came about. If you would be willing to help us out now and again, please join our group of volunteers. We do not expect to call on you very often but the more people we have involved, the better we can spread the load.

Friday’s Café is open to anyone on the second Friday of every month, from 10am till noon, in St Mary’s Church. Delicious coffee / tea and cake. Come and join us.

Backgound to St Mary’s Open Door

In 2021 we held a survey to gather your ideas for how we could increase the church’s support of the community. You provided us with valuable feedback and a mass of different ideas. In past times a church was not only a place of worship but also the centre of the community for a multitude of purposes such as gatherings, entertainment and exhibitions. The feedback you gave us showed that this village continues to have an appetite for a wider use for the church.

We have formed a steering group of about eight people, who we call the St Mary’s Open Door Group. They are using your feedback to select projects which will bring benefit to the community. In recent years the church has been used for many things in addition to church services and celebrations. We have had concerts, art exhibitions, presentations and other functions, but these have not always been well publicised and have been intermittent, particularly during COVID times. St Mary’s Open Door intends to offer free-of-charge events, increasing the number of events in the church and to provide interest for all corners of the Frampton community. 

Those of you who enjoy St Mary’s as a place of worship can be re-assured that services will continue in the church as usual. The church provides spiritual sustenance to many and we will continue to work to keep it accessible and safe. Church governance, including religious aspects, is managed by the Parochial Church Council (PCC), led by the Rev. Liz Palin. We chose to separate the St Mary’s Open Door from the PCC so that it will serve the needs of the community for everyone, irrespective of whether or not they are Christian. 

St Mary’s likes to welcome newcomers to the village, with information about the village and organisations here. If you know of any new arrivals here at any time, please let us know (contact details below).

If you would like to get involved, please contact one of us.

                                                            The churchwardens,

             Janie Clifford                                                                    James Stewart              

                (01452 740268)                                                             (07483 249193)