September 2019

One of the biggest challenges facing us in this modern world is the issue of discontent, not being happy with what we have, or who we are, or who we are married to.

Recently the master baker, Paul Hollywood has been in the news again because of his romantic life, or unromantic life as there doesnt seem to be too much of that for him at the moment. He ditched his wife of 19 years in order to take up with the barmaid from his local, a woman named Summer. After asking her to sign a gagging order she has left him as well. How sad, discontent with his wife led him into an affair, fear for his reputation wrecked another relationship.

Are you missing out on enjoying what you already have due to discontent? Its an insidious thing, but it can grow like nettles and take over our joy and satisfaction.

We joke about the culture of complaining in this country, and conversations about weather often focus on the negative. If its sunny – it wont last, if its rainy – England is grey and wet, if its cold – I cant wait for summer, when it is summer – I cant stand the heat.

Im setting myself up for abuse here, but English weather really isnt that bad. Sorry, I know we take pride in it being awful.

Some people seem to cultivate an endless litany of gripes and annoyances. From the state of the roads, to grocery prices, to the NHS to…. well say no more.

An important spiritual discipline is gratitude, to give thanks to God for the blessings we have. The Bible is full of exhortations to give thanks. Psalm 136 tells us to give thanks to God for He is good, His mercy endures forever.

Start a gratitude revolution in your heart. When you are tempted to complain look for something to give thanks for in that situation. Take time to email, text, phone, go and see someone who you would like to thank for touching your life. When you are with family switch off the TV, put down your phones and make memories which will inspire gratitude.

Lastly, give thanks to God often and with sincerity. All good things come from Him, and to Him we return His own, ourselves.

Rev Stephen Harrison

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