Rector’s Letters

December 2017

Well done to all those ‘on the ball’ people out there who noticed that I referenced Advent way too early in my last letter. Well, we are almost in Advent, at the time of writing anyway. The first frosts of the season have whitened the ground, the leaves have turned and are falling, many trees are bare of leaves. What a busy time this is.

Many people refer to this as the ‘silly season’, and in a way this is an apt name for this time of year with everything on the go and maybe not enough time to do it all.

I am loving the gatherings which are traditional in this extended season – Harvest suppers (noisy, chatty, warm, friendly), All Saints (gratitude, sadness, introspection), Remembrance Day services (solemn, structured, dignified), Christmas (bright, family, celebration).

However, it is also a profoundly serious time in terms of our focus. All of these gatherings have deep Christian roots which point us to our God who is God with us: who mourns with us as we grieve; who was as present in the trenches of Ypres, the beaches of Normandy, the streets of Londonderry as He is in the beauty of our churches; who chose to step into our reality as a little baby.

From the Garden of Eden to now the Christian faith asserts a fundamental truth, that God is a God of presence, God with us. Let Him be with you as you celebrate these big events, let Him walk with you in the little things in life and remember that behind each observance is our God of grace and power.

Rev Steve Harrison

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