Rector’s Letters


September 2019

One of the biggest challenges facing us in this modern world is the issue of discontent, not being happy with what we have, or who we are, or who we are married to’. . . . View letter


August 2019

The Bible has some radical and exciting perspectives on love. I’m sure you know this one, ‘For God so loved the world He gave His Son’. What about this? ‘Friends, let us love one another’, why? ‘because God is love’. How about this reduction, in cooking terminology, of the entire body of Judeo-Christian law, ‘Love God (with all of what makes you who you are) and love yourself as much as you love people around you’. . . . . View letter


July 2019

I have just finished preparing a talk for the deanery Mother’s Union open meeting which I am presenting this afternoon. The theme of the talk is ‘South Africa: the good, the bad and the ugly’. . . .View letter







  • Recent News & Announcements

    • 29th September, Harvest Lunch in the Wool Barn.

      The Harvest Feast will follow the Harvest Festival Service at around 12.45pm. Everyone Welcome! (click for ticket information)

    • Stroudwater Team Administrator

      Stroudwater Team Ministry have appointed Katie Moore as Team Administrator.
      (click for contact details)

    • A Summer Walk; Saturday July 20th.

      Saturday 20th July; Summer Walk at Rodborough (click for photo)

    • Safeguarding

      If you need advice with a safeguarding concern regarding children or adults, contact

    • New Churchyard Regulations

      A new set of Churchyard Regulations have just been published. Please click for full details

    • Discoveries!

      When pews in the North aisle of the church and the platform they were on were removed we were very surprised to discover 16th century tombs;

  • Whats On

    • Bible Study

      We continue to meet fortnightly on Mondays 14:00, Lavender Cottage, The Street, for more information contact Judy Halliday, 01452 742195 (not Bank Holidays) . . . click for dates.

    • Quiet Day

      The Bible study group enjoyed an inspiring quiet day led by Anne Spargo, using the beautiful garden she and Peter have developed. (photo)

    • Riverside Retreats

      Click the link for details, then on the picture.

    • Men’s Breakfast

      Next Breakfast: Saturday 10th November,

    • Breakfast Prayers

      8am, 7th September 2019 –   Contact Penny Lidstone 741410 for more information.

    • Holy, holey, wholly knitters

      A group of ladies meet every Wednesday from 2-4pm at Ann Greaves’ house.
      Please ring Ann on 740622 for further details.

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