Rector’s Letter, November 14th 2021

Dear friends
This Sunday we touch once again on the extraordinary sacrifice made by so many in serving this country. Young men and women from many parts of the globe answered the call to serve, and millions paid the price, not only in the precious currency of their lives, but in the permanent scars war left on their wounded bodies and minds. As we are called to remember those who took up arms, we should also remember those left at home and spent countless hours awaiting the return of their loved ones. The tentacles of war reach far beyond the smoke of the battlefield and leave few unaffected by its cold touch.
The hope at the end of The Great War was that it would be the war to end all wars. So great was the bloodshed that few could conceive of anyone being prepared to venture onto that bloodied terrain ever again. However, as history has shown us, our appetite for conflict remains unslaked. It’s a sad honour that we need to continue to honour the sacrifices made by the members of our armed forces to protect our sovereignty and to push back against domination and injustice.
Lest we Forget.

On another note, last Saturday brought about 100 of us together for Diocesan Synod. It was an inspiring time together, celebrating what God has done and looking to the future. I loved the head of finance placing our support of the Diocese through parish share in the context of mission. That’s a finance person with their heart in the right place! I am deeply touched time again by the heart and culture of our Diocesan staff. Bishop Rachel shared the Diocesan vison for the next five years, taking the achievements and learnings of the LIFE vision, tailoring and refocussing and moving forward.

This weekend is a time of sorrow and gratitude, God bless as you remember and as you look forward with hope.

Rev Steve Harrison