Rector’s Letters

July 2019

I have just finished preparing a talk for the deanery Mother’s Union open meeting which I am presenting this afternoon. The theme of the talk is ‘South Africa: the good, the bad and the ugly’. . . .View letter


May/June 2019

I know that the comparison game is a very dangerous and de-energising mental game to play. Some of the time it feels that almost everyone else around me in the ministry is doing excellently well, and that I am just not cutting it. . . . View letter


April 2019

Easter and Lent loom so large in our minds and spirituality as Anglicans, and so it should. In South Africa on Good Friday it was a tradition to hold a 3-hour service of meditation at the Cross from 12:00 until 15:00. I was a bit surprised and disappointed here that people are shocked at the thought of spending 3 hours in church on Good Friday . . . . View letter






  • Recent News & Announcements

    • Stroudwater Team Ministry, Job opportunity

      Stroudwater Team Ministry are seeking to appoint a Team Administration
      co-ordinator. Closing date for applications 9am, 29th July 2019. (more . . . )

    • A Summer Walk; Saturday July 20th.

      Saturday 20th July; Summer Walk at Rodborough (click for details)

    • Passover supper

      A wonderful commemoration of ‘Jesus Last Supper’. . . .(more)

    • Safeguarding

      If you need advice with a safeguarding concern regarding children or adults, contact

    • New Churchyard Regulations

      A new set of Churchyard Regulations have just been published. Please click for full details

    • Discoveries!

      When pews in the North aisle of the church and the platform they were on were removed we were very surprised to discover 16th century tombs;

  • Whats On

    • Bible Study

      We continue to meet fortnightly on Mondays 14:00, Lavender Cottage, The Street, for more information contact Judy Halliday, 01452 742195 (not Bank Holidays) . . . click for dates.

    • Quiet Day

      The Bible study group enjoyed an inspiring quiet day led by Anne Spargo, using the beautiful garden she and Peter have developed. (photo)

    • Riverside Retreats

      Click the link for details, then on the picture.

    • Men’s Breakfast

      Come to our Men’s Breakfast Next Breakfast Saturday 13th July, 9-10am at Mrs Massey’s Delicious Diner on Frampton Industrial Estate (GL2 7HE)

      To book click for details.

    • Breakfast Prayers

      8am, 6th July 2019 –   Contact Penny Lidstone 741410 for more information.

    • Holy, holey, wholly knitters

      A group of ladies meet every Wednesday from 2-4pm at Ann Greaves’ house.
      Please ring Ann on 740622 for further details.

  • Services

    • 21st July

      11.15am Family friendly Communion Service, A very warm welcome to all.

    • 28th July

      6pm Evening service – traditional language