Rector’s Letter, November 15th

November 15th

Dear Team,

Well, we now know who will be leading the USA for the next four years. Isn’t it amazing that an election there could cause so much anxiety and consternation here? Its absolutely justified. What was once referred to as ‘the leader of the free world’ still has a major impact globally, and more especially on this nation, especially now that the United Kingdom has put herself in a somewhat precarious position with Brexit.
We can feel desperate and threatened and wearied by things like elections and economic forecasts and pandemics, and we shouldn’t minimise those feelings, they are important and we can end up worse off for trying to pretend all is well when our hearts are breaking.

Every single one of us though has a person we are called to care for, and that person has an enormous effect on our lives. That person is yourself. In our Matthew reading Jesus tells a story of a wealthy person who places responsibility in the hands of three servants. Its up to them what they will do with that responsibility, but the time comes when they need to account for how they have discharged their duty. First and foremost, Jesus has placed your world into your hands to care for it. We may think we are powerless in the face of all these big issues, but sitting at the centre of your world is you and you have great power over how you care for your world with God’s help and empowering.

It can be little things. I heard of an elderly widow who dressed and did her hair every day, set the table for meals and a tray for tea. Was it necessary? Probably not, but she was empowering herself. I want to encourage you to look at your world and see that you have power where you are. You have power over your words and attitude, you have power over your hygiene and what you eat, you have power over how you treat people, even if it’s the way you talk to people on TV.

God bless, with Jesus at your side you’ve got this. Be kind to yourself and do the best you can.

Rev Steve.