Rector’s Letters

Dear team
This Saturday the wearing of face coverings has become mandatory in places of worship. As I have been going around doing my shopping, picking up the odd takeaway, I’ve got used to wearing one, and seeing

others in them. It took some time I have to admit – it changes our appearance, and how we see others, and makes it harder to recognise people. The gospels are full of moments where people fail to recognise who Jesus was – and as far as we know he wasn’t wearing a face covering!

This past Thursday (6th August) we celebrated the Feast of the Transfiguration. It was on this occasion that Peter, James and John saw Jesus’ appearance transformed, and they realised who he was and made the declaration ‘it is good to be here’. Of course, much as they wanted to, they couldn’t stay on top of that mountain. They had to get back to their everyday life – but their encounter with the transfigured Christ, had left its mark, and transformed them.

Whatever we feel about the wearing of face coverings, let us allow ourselves to be transformed by our encounter with Christ, to see Christ in the eyes of those we meet, and to see others as Christ sees them.

Rev Liz