Rector’s Letters

November 2018

The other month I was driving somewhere when a programme came on the radio – it was Radio 4’s ‘thinking aloud’. On hearing it I was instantly taken back to the time when I had to drive up to Birmingham every Wednesday to study for my MA. . . view letter


October 2018

What a week its been in the rarefied atmosphere of top-class tennis. If you have been living in a news and social media bubble you won’t have heard of the Serena Williams’ controversy at last week’s US Open. She was warned for received coaching from the side-lines, proceeded to verbally abuse and physically threaten the umpire, and then smash her racquet in anger. . .view letter

September 2018

This morning at about 7:30 am my daughter came to me with a mixture of horror and admiration on her face; her 13-year-old cat had managed to catch a pigeon and brought it inside. Admiration because at that age the cat still had it in her, and horror at the dead bird which now had to be disposed of. . . view letter