Rector’s Letter, February 20th 2022


Dear friends
We are about to embark on the most profound and potentially life revolutionising period of the Christian year. Every year as we go into Lent my hope is that we would see this time as an opportunity to receive blessings from God by giving over to God things in our lives which steal life and wholeness from us. Lent echoes with the words spoken by the Vicar at the imposition of ashes ‘Turn away from sin, and believe the good news’.
There is nothing burdensome in turning from that which causes us to fall short of God’s hope for us, and to take into ourselves new life from the life-giver Himself. The work is in disconnecting ourselves from those things which deceive us into thinking they hold comfort and security.
Our theme for Lent this year is Endings and Beginnings. This is the inexorable flow of life and of nature, things come to an end and a new beginning offers itself to be embraced.
Prepare for Ash Wednesday by spending time with God, asking Him to reveal things we need to let come to an end as as we receive the ashes we release them to God.

Our Lent groups will be about creating space for people to talk about endings and beginnings, they will be places of respect and listening, holding stories with reverence and gratitude.

Palm Sunday will be a symbolical leaving an ending at the beginning of our procession and walking towards a new beginning which God is calling us to.

Easter Day of course will be the celebration of the new life which only the Holy Spirit can offer being poured into our lives.
Join us for the journey – details in this pew leaflet and more in next week’s.

Rev Steve Harrison