January 2019

Letter from the Team Rector January 2019

Something I have been hearing a lot lately is people saying how quickly time seems to be passing. I like to say that it seems that Sunday seems to come every four days, that’s what it feels like.

We stand at the beginning of a block of time, an entire year lies before us. Don’t worry, I am not going to write about New Year’s resolutions, mainly because mine last about two days into the new year. There is something weighty though about the beginning of a year. I think we do the resolution thing because we feel we need to make something of this opportunity we are given. We look at our lives and see the things we need to change, we may even feel a little helpless that we haven’t managed to make significant changes over the last year, maybe this one will be better. Maybe the secret is to develop the things we are good at, or the positive things about us, rather than focussing on our weaknesses. There’s a passage in the Bible which is used sometimes for funerals from the book of Ecclesiastes. You may know where I am going with this. Is from Ecclesiastes 3, and it talks about time, a time for everything under the sun. Rather than difficult to achieve goals maybe God is calling us to use the opportunities we are given, those ‘times for everything’, to use those to the utmost. I find that precious moments can slip past me because I am distracted, or busy or looking ahead to the next thing. Some people talk about being fully present.

How different would your life be if you were fully present to an experience or people we are with? Think about it, taking an extra few moments to let the beauty of a sunset lift your heart, to really listen to the needs behind the words of someone we love, to let ourselves be immersed in a lovely piece of music, to fully open our hearts to God in a time of worship. You may just find that time slows and those encounters in our lives will become moments of grace rather than tasks to be completed.

Happy New Year, God bless you and yours,

Rev Stephen Harrison