For us all this advent.

Rev Liz came across these words about advent and hope you find them inspiring.

As advent approaches:
I believe in the promise of Christmas and the importance of celebrating it in the church.
I believe in the God at the centre of Christmas, whose hope for the world was imagined by prophets.
I believe in Mary, who sang of turning the world upside down and who allowed her life to be disrupted by God.
I believe in Joseph, whose broken heart broke the rules to do the right thing.
I believe in the smell of the stable. I believe there is no place where God will not go.
I believe in the shepherds, those simple ones open to hear the angels’ song.
I believe in the Magi, the ones outside the faith, outside the community who searched out the Holy.
I believe in Jesus, born in poverty, soon a refugee, raised in faith, lived seeking justice, died speaking forgiveness, rose with a love that could not be stopped.
I commit to use this season to seek out the Holy both in God among us, and in
God beyond us.
I open myself to an Advent journey of great joy that will change my life.
God bless you all, and may we all open ourselves to a journey this advent
which will change our lives. Amen.